You may have noticed a gap in your teeth or been insecure about your teeth being crooked. This might mean visiting the orthodontist for braces or aligners. Generally, the expert will assess your entire jaw to understand all the problems you have and then prescribe braces or aligners for you.

If you are on the path to getting braces but need a little more convincing, then here are 10 benefits of braces that you may not know about.

1. Boosts self–esteem

Yes, braces can be a bit of a hassle to wear and maintain, but braces are known to be very effective at correcting misaligned teeth which in turn boosts confidence and self-esteem. Once your braces are off, you achieve your perfect smile which frees you from any insecurity about your appearance.

2. Prevents gum disease

When you chew food with misaligned teeth, the food you chew can often get stuck between the uneven gaps in your teeth. Once they sit in this gap for long enough, it can infect the gums and cause gum disease. With the help of braces, these gaps are diminished and gum disease can be averted.

3. Decreases chances of tooth decay

Similar to how braces prevent gum disease, they also help reduce the chances of tooth decay by bridging tooth gaps and reducing spaces where food can get stuck. Braces bring teeth closer and help with the ease of brushing and flossing. This stops acid build up to harm the enamel and keeps it healthy.

4. Fix misaligned jaws

Some people are naturally born with an extremely forwardly placed jaw. Jaw issues can be effectively and permanently corrected with the help of braces. So if you have a lower jaw or an upper jaw that sticks out unnaturally, braces might be the best option for you.

5. Resolve bite issues

Many people face problems while biting their food. This could indicate a problem with the way their teeth are placed. Some feel a sharp pain when they bite or some are simply unable to chew on hard things. Braces help resolve bite issues like crossbite, underbite, overbite and more!

6. Improve speech

It is a lesser-known fact that misaligned teeth can cause speech issues. Only by correcting such misalignments via braces or aligners, you can expect speech improvement.

7. Enhance digestion

When you have misaligned teeth, you will face difficulty in chewing and swallowing. This means that the food you eat is not broken down correctly which can pose an issue with digestion. However, with the help of braces and teeth correction, you will be able to chew and swallow correctly and improve the process of digestion.

8. Prevent injury

In general, braces are known to bring teeth to their correct place. This means that protruding teeth which are often prone to accidents can be saved with the correct and long usage of braces. From broken teeth to cracked teeth, you can avoid all sorts of injuries to your teeth by wearing braces.

9. Avert bone erosion

Misaligned teeth or overlapped teeth can trap food and bacteria in the gaps and lead to an acid buildup that eats away the enamel and causes bone erosion. Braces can help avert bone aversion by correcting misalignments and preventing bacteria buildup in the teeth.

10. Save you from cavities

Most people we know may have had a cavity in their lifetime. Often unnoticed, cavities can ruin tooth health and stay on for years in your mouth if left untreated. But why do these occur? These occur when people don’t brush or floss properly, leading to an excess deposit of food particles and bacteria. Save yourself from cavities by wearing braces and correcting your teeth which will in turn make it easier to brush and keep you away from cavities.

All in all, braces are more than just metal wires. If you have teeth issues and are worried about metal braces looking unpleasant on your face, you can always opt for clear aligners from makeO toothsi. Not only are these aligners extremely effective at correcting minor to major bite issues, but they are also entirely invisible to the naked eye, removable and painless to wear. With these, you can easily avail all the mentioned benefits of braces without having to be stuck with traditional metal braces too! To know more about makeO toothsi clear aligners, do visit our website and book your first at-home appointment today!

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