What do you associate with 90s fashion? Does your first idea lean towards… kitsch? Certainly for good reasons. The 90s are an explosive mix of colors and contrasts. Why have they made a triumphant return to the catwalks and to the streets? It is true that they are an indisputable source of clothing. Let yourself be carried away on a sentimental journey to discover them again!

The clothing style of the 90s: fashion without limits

There is undoubtedly a typical 90s cliché by which we perceive this era, however everyone perceives it in a different way. Personally, I associate the 90s with my childhood spent in the backyard, the Nintendo 64, collectible stickers, Bubblegum and the Walkman.

Jeans: the very essence of the 90s

Wondering how to dress in 90s style? The answer is simple: in jeans from head to toe! Overalls, mom fit pants, high waisted, skirts, jackets, shirts, shorts, tops, caps and even denim shoes . Jeans have invaded store shelves and wardrobes in almost every form. Of course, it never really went out of fashion, but its reign dates back to the 90s. The fashion of this era is coming back to us in force precisely in the form of jeans.

in the 90s, wearing worn jeans or jackets was a sign of rebellion against consumerism. Today they are factory aged to look vintage immediately after manufacture.

The denim jacket on top again

Denim jackets, forgotten for a while, are now all the rage. they have in them a special vintage charm that the designers have again appreciated. A seemingly banal denim jacket turns out to be an excellent base for many casual outfits.

Recently, the group made a comeback, which only confirms the general admiration for the 90s . .

Platform sneakers are very popular. They will add character to your outfit as well as a few inches, just like stilettos, only in a much more comfortable version.

If you don’t want a platform that’s too high for fear of looking unnatural, choose a model with a lower sole. You will find many such shoes among the Bronx sneakers .

The 90s with Britney Spears and crop tops

… Baby One More Time – probably everyone can hum this hit. It was this song, and the accompanying music video, that made Britney Spears a real star. Without a doubt, the “Princess of Pop” had her own style both in music and in her clothing. Do you remember this candy pink and its teenage look? Not to mention the crop tops she loved so much.

Advice from our stylist

In stores you will find many crop tops. You can also make them yourself, reworking old clothes. If they are worn, it is all the more fashionable! Such recycling will make your wardrobe unique and also save you money.

Young generation stars such as model and actress Cara Delevingne happily wear crop tops:

Three stripes and parachute canvas joggers

What would the 90s be without parachute web jogging? It is one of the symbols of that time that has become fashionable again. Not long ago, considered by many to be the essence of kitsch, they are now appearing on catwalks around the world, fitting in with the athleisure trend .

In the neon glow

The 90s were also an explosion of colors, among which bright yellow, green, pink and purple were particularly popular. Undoubtedly, this trend is still relevant. Neon shoes , sweaters, leggings, fanny packs, caps and many other accessories will allow you to stand out and shine.

90s fashion in grunge style

The end of the last century also had a darker side. Some young people instead of Britney, Backstreet Boys or Spice Girls listened to Rock and wore grunge outfits. The 90s are therefore also the era of Nirvana and the unforgettable Kurt Cobain .

Plaid flannel shirt, wide jumper, loose ripped knee jeans and worn black Converse One Star sneakers. As if the whole thing had been borrowed from the big brother and carried in a nonchalant way, manifesting the musician’s dark attitude towards reality.

After years, the grunge style still inspires. Although he is moving away from a depressive style, checkered shirts, especially red and black, are still popular. Dr Martens type rock shoes are also in fashion.

Old-school sneakers in 90s style

Finally, I can’t resist mentioning the sneakers. While this really is a topic for many separate articles, like the one on the legendary Nike Air Max 90 model , let me at least mention them.

Sneakerheads are crazy about the models that hit the scene in the 90s as well as the modern models that are inspired by them, like the adidas Falcon . Chunky sneakers (massive shoes with a sporty style), which are very often part of the Ugly Shoes trend , are experiencing a second youth!

The return of the 90s allowed the revival of certain brands, such as Fila , which built a whole new image on this trend. Without a doubt, it was a success, as evidenced by the incredible popularity of the Fila Disruptor .

As you can see, 90s fashion still has a lot going for it. A keen observer of streetwear (more on that in our article on 7 streetwear trends ), will find even more accents from this era, in scarves or fanny packs . If you want to discover other similarities, take out the albums with the old photos. You’ll be surprised how many clothes in your wardrobe are fashionable then and now, maybe even more today…

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