Everything you need to know about anti-reverse engineering in the form of well-known functions & techniques

well-known functions & techniques


The concept of reverse engineering is very well dependent on attempting to understand how a particular system is working without any insights into how exactly the tasks are accomplished and many times it will be based upon without any accessibility to the source code. So, the concept of anti-reverse engineering is basically an art in itself that you need to understand so that everything will be proficiently sorted out. Anti-reverse engineering will be offering the concept of a technique that will make it difficult the reverse engineer any application and unfortunately, all of these techniques are normally exploited by hackers to prevent detection. It is a good tool for hackers to gain knowledge and accessibility about a specific application depending on which attacks will be taking place in the future. But this point is a good tool for the attacks which ultimately makes it very bad news for the business organizations. So, to make things easy it is definitely important for organizations to analyze the basic functions and well-known techniques associated with anti-reverse engineering so that they can deal with things with confidence.

Some of the major details associated with anti-reverse engineering have been justified as follows:

  1. In-line functions:The basic job of the cyber security professional will be to make the entire concept very much difficult for the hackers to understand a particular system and further with the help of such functions it will be exactly achieved. Whenever the marking of the functions is done as in line, the executive will become very much bloated which ultimately creates a lot of confusion for the hackers.
  2. Timing attacks: Usually the execution of a particular section of an according element will take a certain amount of time and for these smaller sections the time taken will be much less. If it has been observed that certain actions are taking a longer time in comparison to anticipations then it will likely have the things attached to it. The common example of this function will be based on the Performance counter concept that you need to focus on so that everything will be very well sorted out without any issues.
  3. Windows internals: These will be some of the specific options of anti-reverse engineering methods that will deal with the details of the Windows operating system and further protect the coding element from hackers. Some of the major functions in this particular case will be dealing with the presence of a debugger so that functioning will be very easily sorted out and further, the handling of the object will be accordingly done without any problem.
  4. Process exploitation: The exploit of the Windows process environment and the management system to implement the protection will be very well sorted out and some of the further involved techniques in this particular case will be based on open process, parent process, exception filter, and other associated things.
  5. Anti-dumping concept: This is basically the technique that will deal with the counter-dumping element and further will be proceeding with the executive system in such a manner that prevention will be very easily sorted out. This particular technique will further deal with the replacement of the branching instructions in such a manner that the size of the jump into the encrypted table will be sorted out and further the entries will be very easily placed into the right tables. Apart from this analysing the size of the field it is definitely important to be alert so that things are sorted out without any problem at any point in time. In this case, people have to deal with multiple techniques and details simultaneously so that they can easily focus on preventing generic attacks without any problem
  6. IA-32 Instruction exploits: Normally organizations have to deal with multiple problems associated with the instructions and further this particular feature will be exploited by a specific set of techniques. The general-purpose systems will never create any kind of problem and further, the manipulation of the segment has to be focused on so that prefixes will be sorted out without any problem in the whole process
  7. WinDBG specific: This particular technique will be very easily used to check out if the things are running in the background or not.

Hence, it is very important for the organization to realize that they have to focus on basic techniques and functions associated with anti-reverse engineering so that everything will be pretty useful in terms of establishing the limit over the hackers and getting accessibility to the application. The only issue in this particular case will be that hackers will be getting more of this sophisticated system whenever it comes to the world of attacks. So, as an organization everybody has to focus on learning the tricks of the business very quickly so that they can improve the overall element of reaction very easily.

Hence, adopting the robust protective approach towards cyber security is very important in comparison to proceeding with the passive choices because all of the techniques above very well help in providing people with thought comprehensive application security strategy so that a comprehensive element of focus will be there on the element of application protection very well. Apart from this becoming very clear about how to protect app from reverse engineering is also equally important for the companies so that they can go for taking these smart moves in the industry without any problem. This scenario will be definitely helpful in making sure that validation of the components and the modules will be very well done which ultimately helps in creating a very robust environment along with integrity protection. The comprehensive layer of security in this case will be applied to the application and further, the state-of-the-art security solutions will be very well implemented so that everybody can move over and above the traditional methods and can proceed with the choice of the preferred systems without any hassle at any point of time.

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