The eyes are one of the most captivating features of the face. And the tools that help enhance this beauty? Eyeliners and eye pencils. Both might seem like simple cosmetics used to define the eyes, but they’re worlds apart in their texture, application, and outcome. “Though often used interchangeably by many, true beauty enthusiasts spot the nuance. Ever wondered about the unique differences between an eyeliner and an eye pencil? Dive in!

Let’s understanding the basics

Eyeliner: Typically available in liquid or gel form, eyeliners or eyeliner pens glide smoothly to give a precise and defined line. Think sharp wings or dramatic cat eyes.

Eye Pencil: As the name suggests, this solid pencil offers versatility in application – from smudged, smokey eyes to a subtle line on the lash line.

The Main Distinctions

Here is an easy table explaining the differences.

Feature Eyeliners Eye Pencils
Texture and Consistency Eyeliners possess a liquid or gel-like texture ensuring a smooth application Eye pencils have a solid consistency, similar to a crayon.


Precision Eyeliners, particularly those with fine brushes or felt-tip pens, are champions of precision. In contrast, eye pencils can be smudged and blended for a more natural or smokey look.


Application Using an eyeliner requires a steadier hand, given its liquid nature. Eye pencils, being solids, might be friendlier for makeup newbies.


Versatility Eyeliners can only be used to create sharp and defined lines Whereas eye pencils can be used for both lining and shading the eyelids.


Wear Time Liquid eyeliners generally tend to be more smudge-proof and long-lasting than many pencils, especially if they’re waterproof.  Eye pencils have a lesser wear time.
Finish Eyeliners often give a glossy or matte finish, depending on the formula. Eye pencils, however, typically render a softer, matte finish.


Skill Level Eyeliners could require some practice to perfect the desired look.


Beginners might find pencils easier to manoeuvre.

Now let’s talk about which eyeliner steals the show. We’re talking about Lancôme’s Grandiôse Liquid Eyeliner. This ‘bendable’ Lancôme eyeliner ensures an effortless application. It is long-lasting, dries fast, and offers precision for that perfect wing. Its rich pigment also guarantees a standout look.

And for those who lean towards eye liner pens Lancôme’s Artliner Eyeliner promises easy and precise application. With its foam-tipped pen, it helps you achieve a defined look. It boasts of a rich colour payoff and a smudge-resistant formula. And the versatile Crayon Khôl Eye Pencil by Lancôme is a crowd favourite. A versatile eye pencil that can define, shade, or even blend. Its creamy texture ensures smooth application, and the intense colour can elevate any look. Perfect for both subtle day looks and dramatic evening glam.

From the razor-sharp cat-eye to the alluring smokey look, there’s a tool for every style, so know all the tips for applying eyeliner perfectly with us! Though eyeliners and eye pencils each bring their own magic, knowing their distinct characteristics can truly elevate your makeup game. And with offerings like Lancôme’s top-tier products, your eyeliner game is bound to be on point.

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