In 2022, the JEE Main was supposed to be conducted in April and May. But to ensure that all students have the opportunity to attempt the entrance after their board exams, the exam has been postponed. As per the new update, the entrance exam will be held in June and July. Also, another significant change has been announced by the Ministry of Education. Until last year, this entrance exam was coordinated by the National Testing Agency (NTA). This year onwards, a new committee known as JEE Apex Board (JAB) will be coordinating the JEE exam.

An IIT seat is a dream of every JEE aspirant. Students have to start preparing for the JEE exam from the 10th grade itself. They should be thorough with the basics so that they can crack the problems in a quick manner. Probability is an important topic in the JEE exam. We will briefly discuss the probability of independent events in this article. Students can easily score from this topic since this is an easy topic and does not require many calculations. So learning this topic properly will definitely help students to boost their scores in the entrance exam.

Independent Events

We can say that event X and event Y are independent if the occurrence of X is not dependent on the occurrence of Y. Following are important formulas related to independent events.

P(X/Y) = P(X)  and P(Y/X) = P(Y).

P(X and Y) = P(X). P(Y).

While learning probability, students should definitely learn the different kinds of events, namely dependent and independent events, mutually exclusive events, compound and simple events, exhaustive and complementary events etc. Students should be able to figure out the differences between these events. The short notes for each type of event should be noted down while learning probability. Students are recommended to practise as many previous years’ question papers as they can. A large number of previous years’ questions are available online. Mock tests are highly recommended since they will help students to be familiar with the real exam scenario.

Venn diagram

Venn diagrams are used to represent sets in a pictorial form. Disjoint sets are usually represented by disjoint circles, whereas intersecting sets are usually represented by intersecting circles. Students can expect questions from the Venn diagram in set theory for any entrance exam. The Venn diagram is a very easy method to solve sets. Set problems can be solved in a faster method if we use the Venn diagram method. Students are advised to have proper knowledge of set theory so that they can easily crack the questions asked on this topic.

Nowadays, students can easily access the internet and learn online. Different web portals are there to provide learning materials for the JEE exam. JEE aspirants should learn at least 5-6 hours to win the competition and win the JEE. Visit BYJU’S to access free PDFs of JEE notes, important formulas, previous years’ solved question papers, etc. Mock tests are also available on the website.

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