Citrus fruits are enriched with Vitamin C but it’s not only that, they have potassium, magnesium, B6, Calcium, Copper and Vitamin A. All these essential vitamins and minerals give our body the boost of energy it needs. These fruits not only helps us in getting the perfect radiating skin with hydration, it also cleans our system and improves our immune system. It also maintains a good metabolic system, it is beneficial for eye care as well and these fruits have a low fat package which controls our cholesterol level and helps in regulate a good blood pressure.

Citrus fruits cannot cure cold, but it can reduce the duration of cold. Their vitamin C is essential for skin, it hydrates the skin and plump up the skin, it even outs the skin tone and reduce the lines and wrinkles on your face. The calcium helps us with the bone structure and makes them stronger. Some of the citrus fruits are discussed below:

1. Davao Pomelo

It is a fat free fruit that aids in weight loss in a natural way, it contains vitamin C that helps in hydration and refreshment of skin, it even outs the skin tone. It also has fibers and minerals that helps us in boosting our immune system and improvement in eye care. As it has no fat, thus it controls the calories in our body and helps in regulating the cholesterol level of our body. When getting fresh citrus fruits always use a reliable store, use Mayani voucher code and get best quality fruits at affordable prices.

2. Lemon

Lemons are enriched with vitamin C which are primary antioxidant, it helps in weight reducing naturally and also helps in preventing kidney stones, and they cleanse the digestive system for proper functioning and boost the immune system. Drinking lemon water first thing in the morning can help you with your metabolism and it also provides you with energy booster. It gives your skin the healthy glow and eliminates any dark spots from your skin. The antioxidants protects the cell from any damage and can also prevent cancer. They have immune acids in them which helps in break down the food and improves digestion process.

3. Orange

They are enriched with Vitamin C but they also have fibers and iron in them which helps in various ways. The vitamin C takes care of our skin and also provides hydration, fibers provide low fat carbohydrate to the rest of the body which helps in regulating the blood pressure and it also helps in balancing of cholesterol level which prevents any chronic illness. They also have Vitamin D which is a very strong compound that helps the fight against lung cancer, skin cancer and breast cancer.

4. Watermelon 

 Watermelon are enriched with amino acid, fiber and vitamin A that helps in making new blood cells and regulating the blood pressure that is extremely important to prevent any heart or brain damage. They also aid in eye and skin improvement and B6 helps in break down the food you eat to improve the digestion process.

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