Hard floors like hardwood, laminate, or tile often have an area rug on top of them. Even wall-to-wall carpet can be put on top of it. There are many reasons why area rugs are so popular, but some people may not be sure if they should put one on their beautiful floors.

The look of an area rug is probably the most obvious reason to have one. Area rugs have a special way of bringing everything in a room together. For instance, they can bring together different colors that are used in the decor.

But area rugs have a lot more uses than just looking good. If you’re not sure if an area rug is right for your space, keep reading to find out how area rugs can actually make the space better.

Noise Reduction

A large area rug will cut down on the noise in your space by a lot. The carpet is quieter than a hard floor to walk on, and it also soaks up noise from the air. Do you hear a slight echo in your room? This is because the hard floor doesn’t absorb sound as the carpet does. Put down a rug and listen to how it sounds.


Most people will agree that carpet is more comfortable to stand on than hardwood or tile. Not only does the carpet feel softer on your skin, but its softness also makes it flexible, which lets it absorb some of the force of your steps. This takes some of the weight off of your body.


Carpet is not only softer than hard floors, but it is also warmer. It keeps the heat in better, especially if it has a pad underneath. This is helpful all over the house, but especially in the basement, where the floor can be very cold.

A Grounding Factor

Even if they don’t know how or why many people know that an area rug makes a room feel more stable. This is true for a few different reasons.

The first is that a well-placed area rug can help anchor the furniture in a room, making it feel cozier and more personal. For instance, a rug in the living room or family room should be big enough for the sofa, loveseat, chair, and coffee table to all sit on it or at least have their front legs on it. Without a rug, the furniture can look like it’s “floating” in the room.

The second way that area rugs help to ground space is that they give the body and the spirit a place to rest. Over hard surfaces, energy moves quickly, but it moves more slowly over soft surfaces. Fast-moving energy can make you feel restless or anxious, and since there’s nothing to slow it down, space can feel a bit chaotic. An area rug slows down the energy in a room, making it feel more peaceful.

Pick The Rug

There are many benefits to having an area rug that goes beyond how it looks, even though the style and look of the room are a big one.

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