Intense workouts put a strain on joints and ligaments. For your own safety, it would be good to invest in decent (and technologically advanced) sports shoes like, for example, in adidas models very popular with athletes.

Did you know that …

training has a positive effect on you on several levels? It not only improves your physical condition, but also puts you in a good mood and motivates you to take action.

Yoga is good for the back

Following the recommendations of the moment, stay at home and enjoy your free time with your family. In addition, you can take advantage of this unusual moment to improve your physical condition or to put yourself on that famous diet planned for a long time! If you spend a lot of time in front of the computer, consider relaxing your spine and neck. Look for relaxation techniques and you will quickly free yourself from bad thoughts and excess stimuli.


Start today to prepare your figure for the summer. Thanks to the right sports shoes , you will achieve maximum performance!

For pilates, for example, shoes with flexible and elastic soles will be perfect. Check that they do not restrict the movements of the feet and toes. If your training is done only in a sitting or lying position, you can safely stay in socks , preferably sporty, non-slip and antibacterial.


Light some candles, put on a comfortable bodysuit and thin socks, then… relax!

In sneakers and… in a bathrobe? Why not !

Home is a place where YOU should feel good. If you need your favorite sneakers to successfully celebrate your free time, put them on without thinking! You will be surprised to see that sneakers can go, not only with pants or dresses, but also with a satin bathrobe.

At home, you can experiment with fashion. How about walking in two different pairs of sports shoes? You can successfully combine sneakers with a pleated skirt and a loose white blouse. The result ? Worth trying at home!

More inspiration on what you can wear at home in another of our articles.

The time spent within its four walls can have many benefits. Take advantage of extra hours to train, relax or visit online stores such as shoes.fr . Take time to read old books or fashion blogs. #lockdown and enjoy the moment!

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