5 thoughtful photo gifts to surprise your loved ones

your loved ones


Is it someone’s birthday and you are again going through the same dilemma of choosing a gift that is both meaningful and worth the money? Are you someone who is not good at looking for gifts to surprise your spouse on birthday and anniversary? Are you bothered with the gift choice for parents this anniversary? If you are anything like this then photo gifts are a good option for you. A photo gift is a good memory imprinted beautifully. You can find a huge variety of such gifts which can be customized as per your choice. Not only are they personalized but also appreciated by all.

Coffee mug printing

Many people like to give mugs to their loved ones. But to give a simple plain mug right from the supermarket shelf might not convey your feelings to your loved one. Customizing it with some personalized text and a beautiful picture enrapturing your moments together will change the game. With mug printing the cup will not only look pretty but might make your friends or loved ones teary-eyed. They might not want to use the mug at all to keep it safe but don’t worry these mugs are quite sturdy and the printing also stays intact. Any picture that you would like to be on top of the mug can be easily imprinted.

Laser Engraved Crystal

Laser engraved gifts are a new take to photo printing. The chosen picture and message are engraved on the beautiful crystal giving it an elegant finish with a light base which looks even better in the background. This flawless piece will be the pride of any home and will surely reflect the glow of your loved ones. This one might take the first place on their shelf and heart.

Personalized wooden engraved photo gifts

For a more natural and authentic look, hardwood frames are the best choice. They are quite unique and give a soft authentic look. They are quite a good choice for your parents who will appreciate the simplicity with longevity. With the frames available to keep them in place, this wooden engraved photo frame is a good gift for any occasion.

Vinyl photo prints with wooden frame

Nothing like a collage of all the good pictures you want to surprise your friend with. The sheer use of vivid colours on the photo vinyl looks beautiful. Each frame in wooden frames can be hung or placed on the wall. Personalized frames can include the desired texts as well. Available in various sizes, it can be customized as per your choice.

Customized printable stone

Another personalized gift can be a customized printable stone. It is a commitment in itself as it stays permanent. The prints done do stay long and even the colours look freshly painted. These also come along with a stand to be placed elegantly over the table counter or display rack.

Customized gifts are always in trend. Photo gifts personalized with a picture which captures the memories worth remembering are the best surprises. Not only do they add meaning to the gift but also are versatile and liked by people of different ages alike.

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