Purchasing business wellness gifts has never been simpler. However, because there are so many options, many businesses find the process intimidating.

We’ve divided different boxes into wellbeing themes and listed what they often contain to give you a clearer sense of what the perfect staff wellbeing gift could be.

Boxes for mindfulness

Mindfulness is a state of consciousness in which a person is present and paying attention to what is happening around them.

A mindfulness box contains items that urge a person to be more aware of their surroundings and focus their attention on the present to promote a sense of tranquilly and grounding.

A mindfulness box may contain the following items:

  • A publication
  • Candles for relaxation
  • Teas made from herbs
  • Cards of affirmation
  • A mindfulness or meditation book

Purchasing mindfulness gifts for your staff can be part of a well-planned wellness strategy. This is especially true if you want to encourage a happier, healthier, and more balanced lifestyle in your workplace.

Boxes of optimism

A cheerful attitude goes a long way in the office, and when people are happy and upbeat, it raises others.

People with a positive outlook have greater problem-solving skills and are less susceptible to stress.

Purchasing corporate gifts that support this style of thinking will make your staff grin and remind them of their tenacity.

A positivity box may contain the following items:

  • A notebook of thanks
  • A photo collage
  • Cards with motivational quotes
  • A positive thinking book
  • Self-care rewards
  • A present that encourages a happy state of mind shows that you care about the happiness of your employees and regard them as individuals, not just employees.

Boxes of brain teasers

It goes without saying that when an organisation incorporates learning into the employee experience, it generally results in better business outcomes and higher retention rates.

So, if you spot an employee who enjoys learning new skills and pushing oneself, pique their curiosity with a brain-stimulating gift box.

  • 3D puzzle kits are among the items you may expect to find in a learning box.
  • The Rubix cube
  • Trick book and playing cards
  • Quizzes
  • A general knowledge book
  • Taking an interest in your employees’ potential enhances their confidence and offers them a sense of belonging, especially when top management acknowledges it.

Boxes for socialising

Creating an inclusive workplace atmosphere offers numerous advantages, including reduced absenteeism and increased employee satisfaction.

Whether it’s taking a tea break or meeting up for lunch, these small gestures may genuinely make someone’s day. In addition, choosing presents that suit your company’s social culture demonstrates to employees that you care about their social and mental well-being.

Tea or coffee are typical items seen in a social box.

  • A mug
  • savoury nibbles
  • Biscuits
  • A strategist

When employees feel linked, it improves the employee experience and contributes to healthy business culture.

Active boxes

Every company desires a physically healthy workforce. Employees in good health are better capable of completing their tasks well and are less likely to miss work due to illness.

Exercise not only improves physical well-being, but it also makes individuals happy.

Consider sending your teams a box including nutritional food and essential gym equipment if you want them to adopt healthy habits. Yoga mats are a terrific solution if your team already has access to on-demand workout videos.

An active box will often contain the following items:

  • Shots of fruit or supplements
  • The yoga mat
  • Bars with Protein
  • Bubble bath for soaking muscles
  • A gym towel with a logo

Taking a proactive approach to fitness in the office is an excellent way to promote well-being and inspire your employees to live a more active lifestyle.

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