Bruce Weber Photographer Mentions a Few Tips That Can Help in Composing Beautiful Images of Dogs

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Most pictures of dogs come out okay because of the adorableness of the subject. However, proper composition techniques would be needed to capture images that are close to the levels of professionals like Bruce Weber Photographer. While Weber is widely recognized for his lavish fashion and celebrity photography, he has also spent decades photographing dogs. In fact, a pack of Golden Retrievers has accompanied him on his professional journey, and made their way into his professional and personal shots that illuminate his bond with canines and his singular gaze.

People love their pets and try to photograph them naturally as they play. However, at times it is challenging to get them in the right spot. But for professional quality images, paying attention to the background of the image becomes immensely important. It is prudent to take pictures of the beloved puppies while they are playing in an attractive background or one that effectively complements the colors of their coat. For instance, having a plain black background would be a good idea when photographing a beagle with a brown and white coat.

It is also good to experiment with dramatic perspective changes when photographing a dog. For instance, if the camera is too near the face of the puppy, its head can appear disproportionately large in size compared to its body, giving a comical look to an image. This is a fun technique to use with a puppy to emphasize their droopy ears and cute nose.  One of the ways people usually find dogs amusing is with the position of their ears, especially the ones who have floppy ears when they bounce around. A photographer can try to take a few close-up shots with their dogs running at a good pace. Even if not all the photos turn out to be usable, the ones that are good would be worth the persistence by being able to showcase the cute droopy years of the dog. The ideal way to capture action images of running dogs would require specific camera settings. For instance, using a shutter priority mode on the camera would allow the photographers to set the shutter speed to a fast setting in order to freeze the action and eliminate motion blur.

Another composition element that should always be kept in mind is the planning of the colors featured in an image. The use of contrasting hues can generally work in favor. But photographers can always try both complimentary colors and alternative colors and judge them for themselves. The key point here is to be aware of the importance of the color in every single photo, and make sure that they look pleasing to the eye, on the whole.

Apart from paying heed to the composition tips mentioned, going through the works of Bruce Weber Photographer and similar professionals can certainly help people to gain a better understanding of the approach to follow to take amazing dog photos.

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