Businesses must ensure their sites are compatible with the web accessibility standards the ADA and WCAG 2.1 guidelines laid down. They are liable to lawsuits and hefty fines if they fail to abide by these provisions. To avoid litigation, businesses must resort to manual modes to fix web accessibility issues. However, the problem here is they are expensive and time-consuming. Moreover, whenever there is an update, the site code breaks, and a new project starts over with more time and extra costs.

AccessiBe is an intelligent solution for web accessibility 

AccessiBe is AI-powered web accessibility overlay tool that helps businesses resolve issues in accessibility immediately. It conducts a complete scan of your site every 24 hours to ensure that all accessibility issues are fixed, and your site meets the compliance requirements under ADA and WCAG 2.1. It is a simple, affordable, automated tool that quietly runs in the background.

How does it add value to your business? 

Moreover, this tool is a boon to small business owners who in the past did not have the funds or the resources to fix accessibility issues in time. Today, they can immediately opt for this innovative tool to resolve their web accessibility issues. It can be installed quickly, and it works in the background to fix accessibility issues in real-time without compromising on the site’s functionality and speed.

Litigation package to deal with compliance issues 

Business site owners can get a Litigation Support Package when they choose this tool to arrest their web accessibility problems at no additional cost. It comes in handy in case the compliance of their site is challenged. With personal attention, this package gives them reports, professional audits, guidance, documentation that supports observation, accessibility mapping, and more.

What are the parts of digital media that need accessibility?

Accessibility does not refer to a single component; it combines both information and the interface design that visitors use for navigating your site like-

  1. Content management system- This platform is made to develop the user’s experience, and they are required to accommodate options for web accessibility.
  2. Content on your site- This refers to the content information on your web application and web page, like images, text, and sounds like the markup and code that defines presentation and structure.
  3. User agents- This interface is utilized for content interaction and includes media players, applications, and browsers.
  4. Assistive technology includes alternative keyboards, screen readers, switches, and scanning software that users with disabilities use to interact with the specific user agent.
  5. Evaluation tools- They are tools like CSS and HTML validators that provide feedback to your business on how you can improve the accessibility of the site and its levels of compliance.

AccessiBe is popular in the market as it is a cost-effective tool to ensure all web accessibility issues are kept at bay, and you can focus on the core functions of your business without tension!

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