Navigating the bustling streets of India on a two-wheeler can be both exhilarating and challenging. While it offers a convenient way to manoeuvre through traffic, safety is paramount for riders. We’ll discuss the importance of bike insurance online, using a two-wheeler insurance calculator to assess coverage, renewing bike insurance, and understanding the process of making a bike insurance claim.

Road safety regulations for two-wheelers are crucial. Two-wheelers offer independence and agility but can be prone to accidents, often due to careless riding and poor road conditions. Two-wheelers are lighter and more susceptible to damage, which is why the Indian government mandates bike insurance online. Always prioritise safety when riding a two-wheeler.

Rules of Road Safety for Two-Wheelers

Select A Bike That Fits Your Needs

When purchasing a bike, selecting the model that best suits your requirements is essential. It’s risky to chase after a bike that appears excellent but needs to be better for riding. Additionally, you must have confidence in your riding abilities before you ride your bike on the road.

You Have To Put On Safety Gear

Nothing compares to the enjoyment that comes from taking a bike ride. However, you must always wear safety gear when riding a bike, especially when travelling on a highway. Make sure you have on your elbow guard, jacket, and helmet. Although wearing these can occasionally be uncomfortable, they can save your life.

Always Ride Carefully At Intersections

Take your time, even on empty roads or during quiet hours. Speeding vehicles could be nearby. Avoid overtaking at intersections, pedestrian crossings, school zones, yellow-lined areas, and bridges. Slow down when approaching these areas for safety.

Make An Effort To Be Seen By Other Drivers

Your safety is improved the more visible you are on the roads. There is less chance that someone will hit you or your bike when they can see you clearly on the road. You can achieve this by donning reflective bands and a brightly coloured helmet.

Make An Effort To Maintain A Safe Distance From Other Cars

One of the first tips for beginners is to maintain a safe distance from other vehicles, whether on the road or in a parking area. Avoid trying to navigate through tight spaces.

Respect The Right Of Way For Pedestrians

Pedestrians are frequently struck by bikes and could even pass away as a result. As a result, you should wait to cross the road if you see someone walking across a zebra crossing.

Follow Traffic Laws

Obeying traffic laws is vital for everyone’s safety. Breaking these laws can lead to severe penalties and accidents. In some cases, it might even result in jail time for riders.

Utilising bike insurance online resources, such as the two-wheeler insurance calculator, can help you make informed decisions about your coverage. Additionally, timely renewal of bike insurance and knowing how to make a claim are fundamental aspects of ensuring your protection on the road.*

* Standard T&C Apply

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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