Your curly hair is beautiful, but sometimes it can be difficult to find the hairstyle that will show it off perfectly . Here is a selection of the best hair choices when you have curly hair .

If you want to keep your hair rather short , for example, choose a cut close to the face, such as an unstructured bob or a raised cut , layered at the nape of the neck and voluminous at the back of the head, to reveal your sexy side. Dare beautiful big curls on a ball cut , playing on the roundness, for a very glamorous side .

For long hair , think of wavy layers that will show the flexibility of the hair. You can even dare the fringe , slightly unstructured to emphasize the look and give another dimension to the hairstyle.

Always work the curls with your fingers to create a wavy movement, and do not hesitate to adopt a styling mousse before drying.

Short hair : it’s ultra-trendy . Squared, boyish … short haircuts are seen everywhere. Do you want to take the leap? First make sure that this type of hairstyle suits you by asking your hairdresser for advice. The latter is a professional, he will help you find the ideal cut for the shape of your face and for the nature of your hair .

Multiple choices

Curly hair is very beautiful, but can sometimes be complicated to style, especially when you don’t know what hairstyle you want. That’s why you have to try to find inspiration: a cut that will enhance you.

For example, you can opt for a very short and fairly layered square to balance the volumes. This type of cut can be enhanced by a light balayage . Another way to wear your hair short and curly: leave a little length on the top of the head and cut shorter on the sides. A very rock hairstyle that gives style! Also know that the fringe is allowed, it goes well with a short and curly haircut.

Take good care of your curls

If the choice of the cut is essential, the maintenance of the hair is also. Curls can be crushed , dried out and lack bounce. How to restore their vigor and shine? By adapting your beauty routine: use a mild shampoo , a nutritious but light conditioner or a product designed specifically for curls. Also do a mask at least once a week to hydrate the tips.

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