New York is one of the greatest cities in the world. It is the dream of travelers and globetrotters from all over the planet and it is not without reason. City of excess, New York is an ideal destination in all seasons and for all ages. So head for the East Coast and the Hudson River , it’s time to discover the essentials of a stay in New York. cheapest places to visit in Spain

It is difficult to make a list of visits to do in New York as the city has so much to offer! Nevertheless, some visits are really unmissable. We then think directly of all the most famous places in New York such as Time Square , the Statue of Liberty , the Empire State Building or Wall Street. For shopping you also go through the famous 5th avenue, and for an immediate change of scenery towards Asia, you get lost in the alleys of the Chinatown district . As for museums, the MoMA is undoubtedly the busiest, but the one that leaves an indelible memory remains the 9/11 Memorial .2001. The districts of New York are also to be discovered, like the famous Greenwich Village, place of life of the fictional characters of the television series Friends .

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Activities to do in the United States

The American way of life is for many an ideal of life. A large number of Europeans also want to be entitled to their small share of the American dream during their stay in New York. So to blend in with businessmen and art critics, a few activities can immerse you in the unique atmosphere of the Big Apple. Why not take advantage of all the culture New York has to offer and catch a musical on Broadway ? After the theatre, we go to one of the skyscrapers that hides a rooftop bar to enjoy a homemade cocktail. Athletes will also be tempted by an NBA match , the places of which are snapped up at exorbitant prices. To blend in with the city crowd, buy tickets for aevent at Madison Square Garden and let the atmosphere of New York come to you.

Day trips from New York

Trips to New York don’t necessarily happen every year. This is why, once there, it is better to make the most of the opportunities offered by the city. Many day trips are available and allow you to immerse yourself even more in American culture. Among the most popular excursions, the one that consists of going to the city of Washington by train is a favorite with visitors. It allows you to see America from a new angle and to live a unique experience. It is the same for the excursion within an Amish community which knows a great success. For a green excursion, head to Mountain Bear and its verdant forests.

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